The first mobile application that helps people who stutter make phone calls is on the way!

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Listen to a phone call without Stuey
Listen to a phone call with Stuey

Stuey can improve speech fluency in a phone call up to 100%, but actually, that’s not our main goal. We want to reduce the pressure of negative emotions, save you the energy you spend on stuttering and ensure that you have a better life.

Stuey will help you make phone call avoidance a thing of the past. You will be able to call your doctor, your plumber, or make a dinner reservation without stress and anxiety that you feel when calling strangers or people not close to you.

With its game changing approach, Stuey provides a simple & reliable solution with a clearly defined user benefit.

You accomplish the purpose of the call more easily

You avoid phone calls less

You have less stress and anxiety

You can use learned speech techniques easier in combination with Stuey

No more phone call avoidance.
No more asking for someone to make a call for you.
Stuey empowers you to live more freely!